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Gord Parke

Gord Parke graduated from the prestigious Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, majoring in the physics option. He has considerable experience designing hardware sensors, data analyzation software, and iPhone apps. In 2009, he developed an EEG bio-feedback game on the iPhone for ADD patients. Gord designed the EEG signal sensor, amplifier, and modulator from scratch so that it could interface directly with his iPhone app through the microphone input. The end product was a robust device that could accurately detect concentration levels in subjects using just three standard EEG electrodes fit inside a baseball cap.

Gord has been developing iPhone apps since July 2008. He currently has 5 apps on the the iTunes app store, including iRose and iSteak. iSteak is currently featured in the "Apps for Cooks" section of the UK app store, and iRose was one of the first free apps to offer in-app purchasing. He has also had experience working with the OpenGL ES graphics library.

Adam Tsouras

Adam Tsouras has exceptional knowledge in personal and corporate development/design for the modern day audience. Adam has been involved in the development, design and vision of of over a dozen successful iPhone/iPad application launches in the past 3 years. Some of which include the highly featured steak cooking app entitled iSteak, one of the first free in-app purchase titles iRose, and the iPad news reader app The Daily Digg.

While constantly expanding his knowledge of technology, Adam is studying the new techniques of design at the Digital Multimedia Design program at the Red River College in Winnipeg.

Eytan Moudahi

Eytan Moudahi graduated from the Engineering Science program at the University of Toronto, majoring in aerospace engineering. He specializes in state-estimation, system's design and product development. Currently, Eytan provides consulting services to Skymeter Corporation where he is a principle product developer and designs state-estimation techniques for automobiles. He's looking forward to working with the PocketPro team as his handicap hasn't improved in years.