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PocketPro - Full Swing Analysis in Your Pocket

PocketPro — Full Swing Analysis in Your Pocket

PocketPro is like having a video swing analysis station, a club speed radar system, and a golf pro all rolled up into your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. It works by having a small nylon clip that fits imperceptibly below your grip. Your iOS device's high powered processor then takes this data and completely reconstructs and analyzes your swing in OpenGL 3D.

Play your game, and let PocketPro do the work

The PocketPro hardware is fully equipped to measure the three-dimensional motion of a golf swing, save the data, and send it to a bluetooth enabled device. Once the swing data has been sent, our receiving software can quickly analyze and display the swing and its metrics, including swing speed, tempo and the face angle at impact.

Transfer your swings wirelessly via bluetooth

The circuitry contains both a central processing unit and a digital signals processor encompassed in a CSR BlueCore Bluetooth module. This module allows us to transmit captured swing data from our hardware to bluetooth capable devices.

PocketPro knows every part of your golf swing

The PocketPro hardware currently consists of 3-axis digital gyroscope and accelerometer sensors, which measure the acceleration and rotation rate respectively. These sensors are the latest in MEMS (microelectromechanical systems) technology, and are the successors to chips used in the Nintendo Wii and other well known products.

Play all day long with no interruption on the course

Our hardware is equipped with 16MBit of on-board flash memory. There is no need to be near your iOS device while you play, as the PocketPro hardware will save all of your swings. When you are ready, transfer all of your swings to your iOS device over bluetooth.

PocketPro - Full Swing Analysis in Your Pocket

PocketPro - Full Swing Analysis in Your Pocket

We have chosen to develop our initial software package for the iPhone. Moving forward we aim to develop software ports to other handheld devices such as RIMʼs Blackberry and Googleʼs Android devices.

Develop for your device?


PocketPro Access Protocol

We have developed a protocol specification particularly suited for the PocketPro application. The protocol and implementation include error checking, automatic-retransmission, and an allowance for fast, continuous streaming of data.

Golf Swing Kit

Our "Golf Swing Kit" library contains an API which returns various vital characteristics of a golf swing. The current list, detailed on our How it Works page, is easily expandable for other key swing parameters.

Display Framework 3D Model Importer

We have created a 3D model conversion library, which parses and packages the Collada file format into objects useable in our OpenGL display frameworks. This allows for rapid production of detailed graphic displays directly on your handheld device.

High Performance, Cross-platform 3D OpenGL

We have created a flexible framework for 3D animation that can be used to easily and quickly develop graphical representations of the data. These frameworks are hardware accelerated using the cross-platform OpenGL graphics library.